Below, please find a map of Klamath Falls in Oregon, the town of Klamath River in California, and the town of Klamath in California. As you can see, about 272 miles separate Klamath and Klamath Falls. Klamath River (the town) is about halfway between the two.

K to KR to KF_500

Many people are familiar with Klamath Falls in Oregon, which is where the Klamath River begins. One of my sisters used to live there. I live in Klamath, California, which is where the river ends.

Since there is a lot of confusion about which Klamath is which, I thought I’d create a handy, illustrated guide in case someone finds themselves in a Klamath and cannot determine which one. The idly curious may also enjoy this.

klamath falls

Do you see a lake, signs directing you to a lake, or barren hills surrounded by desert? If so then you are almost certainly in Klamath Falls, Oregon.,_Oregon

klamath river ca

Do you see a river canyon, tree-filled hills, or a river? If so then you are probably in Klamath River, California, population 190. Do you see any people? No? You are definitely in Klamath River.,_California


Do you see tsunami warning signs, signs directing you to a beach, a beach, a boat ramp, redwood trees, or signs directing you to Redwood State and National Parks? If so then you could very well be in Klamath, California.,_California

The original images comprising this amalgamation were taken, with reckless disregard for and in wanton violation of any and all copyrights, from the internet. Except the photo of Klamath at the ocean. I took that one with my own three fiendish claws. And the first one is a google map, and I don’t really know what sort of copyright might attach to that.


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